Eien Tamashi's Corner
Situation: all Shinigami/soul reapers and their Zanpakuto switched places. What would this mean for you and Lelouch?

Well Lelouch would have all that “alone time” he’s been bothering me about, though he probably wouldn’t stop to remind me how the shoe is on the other foot. Of course now it’s his turn to see all of MY deep dark thoughts. You thought that was funny showing me that mental image of you and your sister Lelouch? Well payback’s a bitch MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hi! It's been a while!!!!! If you and C.C. had a pizza eating contest, who would win?

CC. Just because I look like her doesn’t mean I have the same stomach or appetite as she does. I prefer Tempura over most foods out there.

You are part of lelouch's soul, but you are also part of c.c.'s soul... wouldn't that make you their "child"?

I do believe I teased Lelouch about this exact fact once before.

Your connection to Lelouch is mostly severed for an unknown reason, but you can tell he is alive and badly hurt, with an enemy coming in for the kill. In this situation, and if you had enough strength to materialize and save him, what would you do and how?

Save him of course. I’m not heartless.

supliment: the series is Umineko no naku koro ni, I'd post a link but tumblr won't let me

that’s fine. Let’s see here…hmmmm, I don’t know. Do we have any reason to need to confront them?

Situation: if you had to, would you and Lelouch confront Lambdadelta: The Witch of Certainty, Bernkastel: Witch of Miracles, or Erika: Witch of Truth?

You know I have no idea who these people are right? And since I hate having to do research: you provide the series and I’ll dig a little deeper.

Situation: It's back when Lelouch first got his geass. He has both his memories of his time in soul society, and you (sword form) as proof it happened. What do you think would happen?

We change things for the better. We’re given a second opportunity to change everything.

Situation: A mysterious death happens, and for some vague, unknown reason just as mysterious as the death, Lelouch is ordered to investigate. What do you think would happen? What would Lelouch do? What would you try to do to help him, if your help is needed?

This is less a question for me and more for my creator.

So my creator wants to spread the word for those of you who care. The rest of the month of May is dedicated to these two girls here:


 And all the Yuri they provide.

My creator is a Yuri-fanboy and this is one of his favorite pairings.

Not of course to be confused with my master/owner Lelouch.

So if you’re a Tales of Vesperia fan Ookami15 is hoping to turn May into Ristelle month so go write some smut on this.

Then I’ll show it to my master and watch his nose bleed :D

My creator asked Kasumi to promote stuff too, but she’s being her usual stuck up self.

Tumblr accounts are for FUN and she’s using it like a personal place for her own little pity party wahwah *gagging noise*

Oh believe me I know what she’s been through, but she needs to at LEAST lighten up a little more and unwind

Or maybe we’re just two completely different types of people and that’s understandable.

Anyway, think I’ll check out my creator’s new project with Code Geass: Fairy Without Wings which crosses the series over with Fairy Tail.

Yes I do love hypothetical situations. find a bit about me and you can give me some if you wish. Anyway, Situation: Lelouch dies, but your somehow still in Soul Society. Would you try to figure out why? If yes, What would you do? If no, why not?

I would definitely would try to figure out what’s going on and I’d start by going to Unohana so I can talk to Rita or the Soul Queen